A personal message from Tom, Owner of Toms, and the Tom's family.

We at Tom's wish you and your family well during this difficult time...

While we fit in the New York State Guidelines on businesses that can remain open in the coming weeks, we've decided, for now, to change the method in which we do business, and the hours we will be staffing the shop.

For now, we'll have staff in the shop reduced hours, Monday-Saturday 9-5, Sunday 11-5. This may change. This entire situation is in flux.
We'll be offering curbside (parking lot) pickup for coffee orders placed on the phone, as well as any other items people wish to order and pick up. We will also, for the most part, be doing home delivery of orders coming into the shop, shipping orders that are placed over the phone, as well as fulfilling website orders. The shop doors will not be open for customers to enter.. Please call us at 607-773-8500 to place your orders. We'll have it ready for you upon your arrival, and deliver it to your car. If you call from our parking lot, we will have it delivered right away to your car. We may, at some point, open our regular hours and welcome customers into our store. We'll keep you informed.

The purpose of us offering these services, is to help keep our staff employed, money coming into their homes, to help keep a roof over their head and food on the table, as well as offer a service to our customers. Believe me when I say we're not doing this to make a profit. We will not be making money, we'll be losing money. We would lose less money by closing altogether. This, is not our concern. We wish to keep the people we work with employed, and customers served.
We appreciate everyone's patience while we have been figuring out our response to the governors statements on some retail businesses being forced to close. We have been working on a plan to keep our staff employed, and keep servicing our customers to the best of our abilities, while using every precaution to help keep people safe.

We will continue posting daily on here, with photos and information on all of our new items arriving at the shop, as well as any updates, as new information is made available to us. They will give you the opportunity to see some of the beautiful things we will be offering once open again, and keep you informed of any changes in our policies and policies.

Our business has been here for 38 years and we plan on being here for another 38 years. We aren't going anywhere. We'll be here for you and for our community, just as you and our community have always been here for us.

Now that we have all the business aspects of this post covered. We would like to wish all of our customers well. Please be careful and stay in good health. Staying home from work can be very challenging indeed. Others out there will be working their jobs trying to help us all to obtain the food, medicine, and all the things we need for every day life. We thank all of them. For those that continue to work in the medical field, helping to keep us all healthy and safe we thank you very much. Your work is difficult and stressful, we recognize this and are grateful for your efforts. If there is anything we can do to help you and your colleagues, please... Let us know.

For those alone during this difficult time, try and reach out through calling others, FaceTiming, texting. Make sure, if possible, to get outside, get some fresh air, exercise..

For those who are staying home with family, this crisis offers us the opportunity to connect with our significant others, our family, our children. Do things together... Play, try making that recipe you always wished to make, cook, bake, take walks outside, begin the exercise program you aways wanted to do, Binge watch movies or shows together, talk to each other. Be with each other. Comfort each other. Try and relax, slow down a bit and use this time to perhaps gain some perspective on life. We're very fortunate in this country in so many ways. Show each other gratitude, kindness, care, courtesy... People are stressed.. When talking with them on the phone, or in person be kind, patient, courteous.

This will be over some day soon. Life may be different than it was before, but we'll have a sense of normalcy of some sort. Until then, stay in touch with us, be kind, be careful, be healthy, be grateful.

Tom. Owner of Tom's